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Psychic Equalizer is a progressive rock band formed by Hugo Selles, singer and multi-instrumentalist India Hooi, guitarist Carlos Barragán and drummer Sergio Azcona.


The members classical training and professional experience in playing a myriad of genres results in an original and exciting sound combining virtuosity, harmonic richness and boldly creative arrangements.​


Started by Spanish pianist and composer Hugo Selles in 2011, it began as a solo project, mostly in the electronic ambient music field with elements of jazz and classical piano. The idea was to create musical landscapes suggesting different emotional atmospheres and states of mind. The highlight of the first period was the album The Lonely Traveller, awarded with three silver medals at the Global Music Awards.


The second era has seen the release of The Sixth Extinction in 2019, with the collaboration of the choir Camerata Coral of the University of Cantabria. The album is a transition, stylistically speaking, to progressive rock, while still including elements from jazz, new-age and world music. It was acclaimed as “a masterpiece that will never be understood” [Made In Metal] and an “apocalyptic vision from progressive rock mavens who map their way into the future” [Let It Rock].

Psychic Equalizer went on to release the EP Revealed in 2020. When their concert plans were cancelled due to the pandemic crisis, this disappointment fueled a unique creative process to produce a new work remotely, with the band members composing and recording from their homes in Spain, Denmark and the UK. The result was Revealed II, a heavier, more progressive six track EP with a new lyrical depth. Every band member was involved in creating this epic sonic journey that combines powerful guitar riffs, lush keyboard arrangements, spacy synths, virtuosic solos and compelling vocals.

13/2/24 Psychic Equalizer is back on stage to perform with the choir Camerata Coral of the University of Cantabria. 8th of June at the Palacio de Festivales in Santander.


9/2/23 Concerts announced for June 1st and 3rd with the choir Camerata Coral. Check it out!


18/12/22 Several new live videos available to wathc on PE's YouTube channel. Also, new logo coming up!

16/4/22 Psychic Equalizer - Ten Years documentary directed by Edgar Robles out now on YouTube.

12/3/22 Live version of the favourite track 'Unveiled' out now on  Psychic Equalizer's YouTube channel.

1/3/22 Psychic Equalizer is one of the candidates for Best Rock Album and Best Production at the MIN Awards. Vote here.

13/2/22 Live video for 'You Won't Have My Faith' out now on Psychic Equalizer's YouTube channel.


17/12/21 Live video for 'Destination Zero' out now on Psychic Equalizer's YouTube channel.

30/9/21 New single 'Lost in the Universe' to be published soon as a free download via Bandcamp. The band favourite song was recorded live in July

23/9/21 Psychic Equalizer will be performing live again in Santander and Reinosa (Spain) on the 20th and 22nd of October.

14/6/21 Two concerts in Spain announced, 16th and 17th of July in Reinosa and Santander. Tickets on sale soon.


21/4/21 Revealed I & II (Limited 2CD Edition) now available to purchase via Bandcamp.


27/3/21 A new videoclip for the song The Last of Humankind has just been published. Directed by Psychic Equalizer's singer India Hooi.

19/3/21 Revealed II is out now on all major streaming platforms!


17/3/21 Revealed II listening party over at Psychic Equalizer's YouTube Channel: Saturday the 20th at 1:30PM (CET).


6/3/21 An animation lyric video for the song Something Hurts has just been published on Psychic Equalizer's Youtube profile.

15/2/21 The Astronomers single is now out and available to download through Psychic Equalizer's Bandcamp site. A lyric video has just been premiered in the official Youtube channel.


21/1/21 Revealed II will be released on all major streaming platforms and the band's Bandcamp site on March 19th. Pre-orders will be available very soon.


18/8/20 The recording of Revealed [Part 2] has just started.


24/5/20 A new lyric video for the song Summer Clouds has just been published on Psychic Equalizer's Youtube Channel.


2/5/20 Due to the current crisis caused by Covid-19, the concert in Santander is cancelled.


23/4/20 Revealed is out now! The brand new EP consists of 4 new tracks and an acoustic version of Lonely Soul.


31/3/20 Psychic Equalizer's new videoclip for the song Unveiled is out now. Download the single for free in Bandcamp.

10/2/20 Concert in Santander on May 30th. Psychic Equalizer will be joined by the choir CCUC, drummer Ville Syrjäläinen and cellist Miguel Diez. Tickets on sale from February 20th.


10/2/20 Psychic Equalizer announces new EP 'Revealed' to be released on April 23rd. This studio EP consists of 4 brand new songs and 1 acoustic version. It wil be available on limited sleeve CD edition via the official Bandcamp site of the band; as well as on streaming/downloading at all major digital outlets.


12/1/20 Psychic Equalizer writes the music for the NGO Los 18: Between Sea and Sky (Anthem for Los 18) is available on Bandcamp. More info about Los 18 on the link.


9/10/19 The band goes back into the studio to record a new EP.

16/9/19 After two years of complex production, Psychic Equalizer's second LP The Sixth Extinction is finally released today. Available on sleeve CD and digital on all major platforms. The album marks a milestone for the project, aesthetically and because of the formation of an established band.


14/9/19 Pre-release party for the new album The Sixth Extinction at La Maleta de Luz in Santander, northern Spain.

6/9/19 New videoclip for the title track of the upcoming new album The Sixth Extinction. Directed and produced by Edgar Robles and Hugo Selles.


4/6/19 The first single to be taken from the new album is Lonely Soul. The videoclip has been directed and produced by Edgar Robles and Hugo Selles.

10/10/18 New videoclip and photoshoot for the new album in abandoned slaugtherhouse in Madrid.

8/10/18 Psychic Equalizer continues the recording of the new album at Estudio Uno in Madrid. Time for electric guitars with Carlos Barragán.

2/4/18 Vocals and choir parts recording for the new album. India Hooi, Adrián Ubiaga and Hugo Selles will be joined by the Camerata Coral of the University of Cantabria.

12/11/17 Drums, winds, percussion and acoustic guitars sessions with Morten Skøtt, India Hooi, Camile Bialas, Carlos Barragán and Juan Arce at Studio 3 of The Royal Danish Academy of Music.

2/5/17 Tour in Denmark and Spain in support of the latest release The Lonely Traveller. The band will consist of Hugo Selles, Quico Duret, Carlos Barragán and Birte R. Knutzen.

30/5/17 Psychic Equalizer starts the recording of a new album. Piano sessions with Hugo Selles and India Hooi at Studio Hall of The Royal Danish Academy of Music.

27/3/17 Hugo Selles has been awarded three silver medals at the Global Music Awards for the most recent LP by Psychic Equalizer: The Lonely Traveller.

21/1/17 Release concert and party for The Lonely Traveller in Metronomen, Copenhagen.

20/1/17 The new album is out now: The Lonely Traveller. An experimental fusion of jazz, neo-classical and ambient music. A trio-based album with collaborations of musicians from all around the world. Available on sleeve CD and digital format.

1/12/16 New single and videoclip out today! Adrift has been recorded in northern Spain and Denmark last August. Directed by Marcos F. Aldaco.

1/2/16 Live Memories EP is out now, including tracks from the concert given at the 8th Week of Unusual Music of Santander. Hugo Selles was joined by Quico Duret, Oriol Flores and Adrián Ubiaga.

2/1/16 Hugo Selles is back in the studio to record Psychic Equalizer's third album. He will be joined by guitarist Quico Duret and by drummer Morten Skøtt, among other musicians.

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